Why Smart Brides Rent Their Wedding Gown

Updated: May 30, 2020

One of the most important factors of your wedding is your wedding dress. For your special occasion, you want to look your best by wearing, of course, the best wedding dress. However, wedding dresses can be very pricey and a quality dress that lives up to your standards may not be available within your budget. Even if it possible, spending too much on your dress may end up affecting other factors of your wedding. The secret here is not to buy the dress, but to rent it. Smart brides know that renting a wedding gown would result in a more successful wedding.

Here's why renting is better than purchasing.

1. You get a dress of better quality by renting.

Let's say your budget is $1000. If you were to buy a dress for $1000 or rent a dress for $1000, which one do you think would look good? Of course the rental one. If you want the best dress for your wedding, you must know that you will be able to find higher quality dresses available for rental compared to the mediocre dresses that are available at the same price for sale.

2. Purchased wedding dress is only worn once and will end up deep in your closet.

I know how you feel. You want to keep it with you. But, as most post-brides say, your dress is probably going to end up deep in you closet. Unless you're planning for a second marriage, you're not going to wear your wedding gown ever again. (Even if you were really having a second wedding, you wouldn't want to use the same dress)

3. You can get multiple dresses with the money you save.

If you managed to save a lot of money by renting your wedding gown, why not rent one more? In fact, many brides want to wear different dresses for wedding parties and photo shoots. Rather than buying one mediocre dress, why not rent multiple exceptionally beautiful dresses?!

Be smart and get the most out of your wedding experience by renting your wedding gowns! For more information about rentals, click here

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