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Hair make-up Service in Honolulu Area

Dress up is not only picking up a perfect dress, but you need to have perfect hair and make up to make you look the best!

For your party or prom, we can arrange our stylist to your hotel or at the store in Waikiki.

If you stay in condo, we can arrange our stylist to your place.

Waikiki area is free of extra charge. We can go Hawaii-kai, Ko Olina, Kahala area with extra charge.

Your Color.

Bridal Hair Stylists Hawaii
Wedding Hair Stylists

Your make-up and hair is just as important as your dress. After you choose your perfect dress, get your hair and makeup professionally done to perfect your look for your special occasion!

We understand how busy you are on your important day! 

​Instead of

While you prepare for your special event, our stylists will come to your hotel in Waikiki.

Sit back and wait for the stylist come.

​At your place

Petite Girls Gather!


Price (for Bride)
- Hair and Make-up: $200 for photo.
- Hair & Make-up for Wedding Ceremony $250
Bride hair make up includes dressing.

Men's or kids hair and make-up is also available.

Price (for guests or party hair and make-up)
- Hair only : $85~100
- Hair and Make-up: $170

Bridal Hair Stylist

For rehearsal make up, please contact us for details. If you want to try it out, please place order as normal service. After your trial and you decide to proceed for your wedding venue hair-make up, we will give you some discount.

Any concerns or questions, please contact us.

Kimono Special Dressing

If you have a Kimono, the key is to "Dressing" and also hair make up to be appropriately match with your formal Kimono styling.

We have both Kimono dressing service and Kimono hair styling service.

If you can wear Kimono by yourself, you can just consider having kimono hair service only.

We also have various type of Kimono Package as well.

Price for Kimono Hair

- Hair only : $85~100
- Hair and Make-up: $170

Price for Kimono Dressing
- Guest : $170~250 
- Bridal Kimono Uchikake : $840
- Groom Kimono Dressing : $210

Kimono Hair Stylists
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