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Vintage, Classic & Traditional Hawaiian Style Dress Rentals

True Hawaiian Experience Through Clothing
VIntage Hawaiian Dress Rentals

Experience Traditional Hawaiian Style through Traditional Hawaiian Dresses.


When you come to Hawaii, you want to experience true Hawaiian things. Hawaii is very unique place in USA and there is very nice feeling about Hawaiian tradition.

Hula dancing, flower making, hat making and there are so many traditional things developed in this island. Through those things, you can really feel what is "Aloha" and what this island is all about.

The clothing is another thing developed in Hawaii. We have unique weather and different styles of living than main land USA, and developed unique clothing & fashion traditions.

Our goal is to extend Aloha experience through fashion. One of the thing we do is making traditional Hawaiian clothing such as Mu'umu'u. You may not want to purchase the Mu'umu'u but you can rent it and tour the island with beautiful Hawaiian dresses.

For example, there are nice places to visit and photogenic places are, 

  • Bishop Museum

  • Queen Emma's Summer Palace

  • Iolani Palace

You can learn history of Hawaii as well as experience the traditional styles of Hawaii. When you visit those place, it would be even nicer if you can wear traditional Hawaiian clothing and make you feel like you were a queen or princess. It makes you feel like going back to the old time of Hawaii.

What we Offer?

You can rent those traditional dresses and be on your own, or we can arrange special tour for you.

The tour can be including learning history of Hawaii, workshop, and visiting historic places depending on your needs.

  • Rent a dress only: Please make a store visit for renting a dress.

  • Attend a tour: Please contact us what you are looking for. How long, when, and how many people.

The tour price starting from $150/person. It depends on how long, how many and where you want to go.

Rental dress only starts at $50/person including basic styling accessories. Credit card is required for a security.

If you want to, we can arrange professional hair stylists for perfect Hawaiian styling fashion.

About Our Dresses

We provide variety of Hawaiian dresses from casual to formal, vintage to modern, for this plan. One of our main dresses are from Princess Kaiulani Fashions. It is the one of the well known formal Hawaiian dress brand and they make unique Hawaiian Mu'umu'u in Hawaii over 60 years.

You can rent their Mu'u'umu and explore Waikiki and beach for very unique photo shooting!

Who Is It For?

Is is great for all visitors coming to Hawaii as well as kids to learn and experience Hawaii as well as history and traditions. You can wear radiational Mu'umu'u dress and explore town and take photographs.  It is also great for family memorable events, too.

Mu'umu'u is not only for old people!

  • It is comfortable

  • There are vintage design dresses. 

  • Vintage style really nice with visiting Iolani Palace and Queen Emma's Summer place to make you feel like you are princess!

  • For outfit to wear at event such as Lei-day, Memorial day event, Christmas, etc.

If you go to Japan, don't you want to try Kimono and walk around the town with it? It is the same idea. When you are in Hawaii, please experience what you can only experience in here! I am pretty sure you will not feel the same way as you walk in town with T-shirt and a pants.

Are you interested in doing this kind of tour arranges specially for you?

We can customize for your needs. Please book for Zoom consultation or contact us by Email.

If you are just interested in renting a dress or shirt, please make a store visit appoitment.

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