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Bridesmaid Dresses Rental starts $85~


Lidia Hawaii Dress Rentals offers variety of colors and shades of dresses for small size to large sizes. Some of our dresses are adjustable back design. Some dresses are available up to 4XL. If you like our rental dresses and want to purchase as a custom order, you can do that as well. For custom order dress, please give 3~4 months. 

We have more colors and designs in store.

  • You can rent as well as custom order the dresses. We have seamstress in house for quick alterations, too.

  • Many shades and colors of dresses.

  • You can try our sample dresses for custom order.

Book store visit now for fitting.

Bridesmaid Dress Rentals

Other Dresses Available, too.


Mother of Bride Dress

Black Tuxedo.jpg



Groomsmen Special

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