Wedding Dress, Prom Dress, Hawaiian Dress Rental Catalog

Lidia Hawaii Dress Rentals offers wide variety of party dress rentals from children to adults, women and men.

Please come by to check out our dresses before actual events, so that we can well prepared such as hemming or some alternation before the event.

Lacey Wedding Dress Rental

White Gowns

Ball gowns & other white dresses

Tuxedo & Suits

Men's Formaweare

Hawaiian Guest Dress Rentals

Hawaiian Style

Hawaiian Formalweare

Photowedding hawaii

Photo Wedding PK

Photo wedding package plan rental dresses and tuxedos

Mother of Bride

Mother of brides  dress

Kids party dress rentals Hawaii


Flower girls and birthday party dresses

Prom Dress

Prom and Party Dresses

bridesmaid dress rentals Hawaii


Variety of colors and sizes available.

Bridal Accesories Rentals Hawaii

Accessories, Veils

Bridal accessories also available for rentals.

Hawaii Dress Rentals

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