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Beach Photo Wedding Hawaii

Beach Photo Wedding Package Details

Reasonable all inclusive beach photo package plan

only $1300

Photo, Wedding Dress, Tuxedo, Transportation, Hair make-up

Time-saving and No More Planning! All Inclusive Package Plan is Perfect for Your Elopement, Honeymoon, Anniversary, or Surprise Gift!

Aren't you overwhelmed to plan for some wedding photo for your trip to Hawaii?

Here is a solution for you.


If you are too busy to plan all separate services, such as finding a dress, a photographer, a hair-make up, and transportation, this will make you easy for you. Lidia Hawaii Dress Rentals offers a wedding photo package plan include all necessary items for beach photo wedding.

Price is ONLY $1300  (TAX INCLUDED ) and no additional cost for upgrading dresses! 

You can choose ANY DRESS from this package catalog. 

There is no additional cost, no surprise cost, just some tip if you want to.

You can relax about your budget!

(For weekend and holiday is additional $300.)


The dresses and tuxedos in this package can be seen from this catalog.

Please check for sample photographs and options. Need ceremony photos? Check Beach Wedding Package.

Basic Beach Photo Package 

This photo package includes everything you need. It only takes half a day, 4.5 hours.

​What is included in Package:

  • Dress rental : check what kind of dresses available for package plan catalog

  • Tuxedo rental 

  • Shoes, accessories rentals

  • Professional hair-make up

  • Professional photography at the Ala Moana Beach / Magic Island, or Kapiolani Park if you prefer.

  • Transportation from your hotel in Waikiki to the salon, to the beach, and back to the hotel.

  • (Another package with Limousine is available, too)


So what is the catch? Because this is discounted price, here is what is limited for.

  1. You can only choose your outfits from this Package Catalog. Please remember. In the salon, there are more selections. The catalog is showing only part of the items.

  2. Your plan only happens only all in 1 day. You can not come to the salon before to check out what is there.

As long as you are OK with these, this package deal is highly recommended and very reasonable plan. We provide this service over 7 years and we have been serving over 1000 couples a year without claim. So you do not need to worry about our service. If you are not sure, please set up the Zoom meeting and we will answer to your questions.

Alamoana beach wedding photo
Who Is This for?

 This plan is suitable for a couple who already married for a while, or missed wedding ceremony due to COVID or honeymoon cerebration, and any other special memorable situations.

Some of our customers use this plan for a surprise anniversary gift for honeymoon or wedding anniversary.


Because this plan do not need any pre-planning, one of our customer who bought for a mother as a gift. 

She told us a story about her mother, who could not wear a wedding dress at the time of marriage, so her mother always dreamed of wearing one, but felt too old for a wedding dress. So the daughter came to us to plan a surprise gift for her mother. 

Another story is one husband asked to get this plan for his wife for a surprise gift for their 25th wedding anniversary, because they could not buy a wedding dress at the time of wedding and he was always regret about it.

Whatever the reason to try our plan, we will make sure you will be satisfy with us! So please ask us for any requests you want to bring out. We have some additional options to enhance this plan below this page as well.

If You are...
  • Too busy to plan all small details: what kind of dress to wear, who to ask hair, who will take photograph, where should I go for perfect photo shooting, etc.

  • People who do not know much about Hawaii

  • Do not want to spend too much time just for photo shooting. Want to enjoy other things in Hawaii, too.

  • Not have enough time for preparation or planning of photo sessions, dress rentals, hair, etc.

  • Just want to have a nice wedding photograph for minimal cost, and time saving.

Because this plan was made so easy, this plan only takes 1 day, and only 4.5 hrs. from hotel to coming back. You do not waste your stay in Hawaii vacations! Even your busy partner, or impatient partner can be very happy for this experience.


You may wonder why is this so cheap. Here is why.

There is no pre screening of dresses or tuxedos before photo shooting day. We do all these in just 1 day. You can not come to visit the salon a day before to try the dress. That is the only catch.

However, we can consult what size you are and you can check what kind of dresses available on the web catalog. (Click here for this special package dress and tuxedo catalog)

Price Comparison - How much savings?

How good this deal is? When you usually take all these items separately, the estimated cost is,

- Photographer: minimum $300 

- Hair make up: minimum $200

- Wedding dress rentals: minimum $200~800

- Tuxedo rentals minimum: $150~350

- Transportation minimum: $60

- Photo attend assistant: $150

- All accessories rentals, such as shoes, bouquet, etc.: Over $100, easily $200~550

- Time for you to arrange & researching all of the above: 3~8 hrs. PRICELSS and so VALUABLE!


TOTAL: $1160~1960...but in package plan, your cost will be just $1300 even tax is included!

Also, if you try to find those services separately, your time is also value. For example, you rent your dress in one place, and look for his tuxedo in another place. When you are in Hawaii for vacation, would you like to waist time like that?

All these only takes about 4.5 hrs. see sample schedule.

Optional Enhancement Package

If you want to make this basic photo package in upgraded version, you can do so by adding some enhancement options such as adding officiant, more locations, adding extra outfits, fresh flower shower, private ukulele player, etc.

The photo data will be deliver to your hotel. If not, we will ship the data. No hassling with downloading!

With additional fee, we can make photo albums and other printing services.

Ready to make an appointment?

Please make a reservation from below. Places are limited. So if you are sure, please book a plan soon.

If you want to ask more questions, please use "Book an Appointment or Consultation."

If you want to secure your space, please book from below.

Just need hair service?

Our professional stylists go to your place to do your hair and make up.

Bridal Hair Stylist

If you do not need a package, but need only hair make up service, that is OK, too.

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