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Lidia Hawaii Dress Rentals and Muumuu Rinbow Hawaii's Rental Dress Company

Lidia Hawaii Dress Rentals


Hawaii Dress Rentals was originated from our first store, Muumuu Rainbow, which was started in Ward Warehouse in 2013 to provide Hawaiian style formal wear rentals to attendees of weddings hosted in Oahu.

Our concept is to provide the experience to immerse in our culture and provide fashionable yet traditional dresses of quality for guests who attend weddings and parties here in Hawaii. 

Since then, Muumuu Rainbow has grown and relocated to Waikiki in 2014 and moved to our current building in the heart of Waikiki in 2015, and a year later, we opened Lidia Hawaii. The name "Lidia" comes from queen Liliuokalani's nick name Lydia. Lidia Hawaii served mainly Japanese visitors who attend wedding for bridesmaids but started to rent for local customers for prom and photo shooting occasions.

Lidia Hawaii Dress Rentals was the same business of Muumuu Rainbow. Finally, in 2018, Lidia Hawaii became independent and is now serving locals as well as Japanese today.

We initially only provided bridesmaid dresses, however, as we have grown, we now provide wedding dresses for people who wish to take breathtaking wedding photos in Hawaii. Our goal is to provide exceptional Hawaii experience in the island at ease.

For bridesmaids, preparing coordinated and matching dresses can be very costly and time consuming. To make this entire process much easier and stress-free, we opened up this branch of business to help people to make this process as easy as possible to make nice memorable beautiful photographs for their important moments. 

We believe that time spending selecting dresses can be very important memorable time for brides and family, and friends.

We care how you feel from beginning to the future.

Our Concept & Vision

Our concept is to provide fashionable whole styling for any people and enjoy fashion without stress.

Our goal is to create memorable moments for everybody through our services; memorable service, creating beautiful pictures for beautiful memories in the future, and memorable experience you think over and over again.

Also our vision is make this rental service as a touch point for Hawaiian fashion. We utilize local vendors and supports as much as possible.


We value being ecological, social, quality service, and authenticity. 

We serve not just rental service but by utilizing our service, clients will invest in our local business and cultural inheritance. That is why we have rental Hawaiian dress service as well as production service.

Wedding in Hawaii

About owner

Owner practiced architecture for 6 yrs but gave up all to start to study fashion design and pattern making in Japan. She studied fashion in Australia and Japan and started her own dress rental business in Hawaii. She started to make her own dresses and started to rent the items. Her first focus was Hawaiian fashion. She could not find the designs that she thinks nice so started to make her own and rent the dresses. Then, it expended to aloha shirts rentals, shoes, bags, and kids clothing. Now, the business was expanded to renting wedding dress and suits, with her own seamstresses in house in Hawaii.

As she doing business in Hawaii, she believes to utilize local resources as much as possible to support local society.

Her fashion study was focusing on pattern making, so beautiful  ‎silhouette to accentuate human body is her strength.


Our store is located in the center of Waikiki.

It is inside the Waikiki Business Plaza.

2270 Kalakaua Ave. Suite 1105. Inside the Muumuu Rainbow.

Our Other Businesses

- Fabric Hawaii

   Specialized in Hawaiian fabrics at the store in Waikiki, and online. We offer raw materials for people who may want to start their own businesses.

- Muumuu Rainbow

   Specialized in Hawaiian dresses & shirts rentals for all ages and sizes. This business is to encourage many people to enjoy traditional beautiful Hawaiian clothing.

- Princess Kaiulani Fashions

   Custom made formal Hawaiian clothing, including traditional Hawaiian wedding dress. This brand has been offering traditional Hawaiian formal clothing over 50 years.

- Muumuu Mall Hawaii

   Hawaiian clothing and shirts, pet clothing. Many Hawaiian items are sold online. This general Hawaiian store is to encourage new start-up people in Hawaii to market thire products through our community as well.

- Furoshiki Hawaii

   Reusable gift wrapping Hawaiian fabrics and Hawaiian pet clothing. It is great souvenir ideas from Hawaii.

Furoshiki can be every people from young to old, male and female and many others to enjoy some Hawaiian products.

All of our businesses are to encourage people to enjoy local vendors and resources.

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