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Kimono Style Wedding in Hawaii 

Experience Japan's 
Authentic Formal Wear. 

Looking for Kimono Style Wedding for your Ceremony?

When you are planning for wedding, you will be surprised by there are so many things to decide and get overwhelmed!

One of the biggest problem is to decide what to wear; a white wedding dress or Kimono styling. This happens for especially many Japanese brides. She does not give up on dream wedding dress, but her grandma wants  to see in wearing beautiful traditional Kimono.

This service lets you have both dreams come true!


When you have a wedding, most people prepare 2 dresses.

1. Ceremony wedding dress

This  is usually picked by your location. Beautiful cathedrals may fit with long train dress, for extraordinary photo shoot. You pick the best dress for ceremony, but this brings out what to wear for reception party.

2. Reception Party Dress. This is usually a little casual dress for dancing and interacting with people. Some people pick Hawaiian style Holoku for party.


So in between the these 2 dress change, you can insert 3rd dress for KIMONO DRESSING!


What is included in this plan?


"Uchikake" or biright red and white kimono is the traditional way of Kimono dressing style.

We offer Uchikake styling as well. We can not rent for Kimono only. The service includes Kimono dressing, hair make up, and assisting for the wedding ceremony.

In order to price, we need to know the location for ceremony.

If you just want to take wedding photographs with Wedding style Kimono, you can do so at the inside the hotel or the Kapiolani park, or beach.

Price starts at $2500

What is Included:

- Hair make-up for bride

- Bridal Kimono "Uchikake" or "Furisode"

- Groom's Kimono for" Monfuku
or "Kinagashi" style

- No additional cost for dress upgrade!

- Hair and make up change x2 (Twice. First to undress the first dress to wear Kimono. Second one is to change back to more light weight dress for your reception party)

- Pre fitting at the Marriot salon.

- Kimono accessories all included

If the reception place is Ko-Olina area or Northshore, there will be extra fee.

 Especially perfect for :

- Couples who love Japan! 

- Couples from Japan visiting Hawaii for their honeymoon

- Couples married Japanese partner and want to do both Kimono style as well as wedding dress

We have rentals available for both men and women!

If you are looking for Kimono dressing service for your wedding ceremony as a dress change, please check Kimono Wedding Service.

Sample Schedule

Before Wedding Date: We schedule fitting and briefing. In here, we decide what to wear and what we need to know. You can pick from variety of colorful Kimono and men's kimono styling.

After you decide on the Kimono, you make a payment there and you do not need to do anything. 

Sample Schedule on Wedding Day:

If the reception starts at 3:00,

1:00 Couple will arrive at reception place after the ceremony. The couple is in 1st ceremony dress.

1:00 Our staffs will arrive with your selected Kimonos for bride and grooms and prepare for Kimono dressing.

2:15 Finish make up and hair change with Kimono dressing. Start photo shooting with Kimono before reception.

3:00 Starting reception

4:00 Change in a dress and tuxedo. Quick hair change and make up fix.

4:30 Go back to the reception party. Staffs will pick up Kimono and leave. The party continues.

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