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Kimono Hawaii Furisode ハワイ着物と着つけ 着物写真サービス

Kimono Photo Service

Variety of Kimono Dressing & Photo Sessions

Lidia Hawaii Dress Rentals offers wide variety of Kimono photo sessions.

Formal Kimono wear to playful Oiran style Kimono dressings.

Kimono photo sessions can be for the age of cerebrations for young and mature.

It is perfect for wedding memorial ceremony as well.

How It Works


Decide What You Need.

Do you need whole photo package or just Kimono dressing service?

Unfortunatelly, we do not offer just Kimono rentals by itself. If you do not have your own Kimono, we reccomend to consider All Inclusive Kimono Packages.


Choose Kimono Design

There are variety of Kimono classes, from very formal to casual styling. Depending on your needs, decide on which kimono grade you want to try it on. 

Kimono grades are:

Uchikake (Wedding)

Furisode (Elaborate)

Homongi (Semi casual-formal)

Yukata (super casual)



Once you decide on Kimono grades, you can pick how you want to have your photographs taken, inside or outside.

Inside is easy solution but if you want to have more Hawaiian environments with your Kimono styling, pick outside option. For outside, we offer 3 different locations.

All Inclusive Kimono Photo Package

Varieties of Kimono to Choose from.


Add Kimono in your wedding receptions.

Adjusting Kimono

Playful and gorgous Oiran stying Kimono costume.

Traditional Wedding Kimono

Celebration of Age, especially Seijinshiki.

Momoware Traditional Hairstyle

Dressing & Hair Service for people who already own your Kimono and just need dressing service.


Sei-formal to casual. Great for memorial photo session.

About Kimono

The real Kimono usually required a professional stylists to wear it. In Japan, people usually goes to a hair salon who does professional kimono dressing and styling and costs about $250~300 even in Japan. Kimono stylists usually has a license to wear Kimono, which is a separate license from hair stylists. Not all hair stylists holds the professional license.

Our stylists hold professional Kimono license in Japan.

Kimono dressing service is for the people who have own kimono. We do not rent just kimono itself. You need to know how to wear it as well.

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