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Hawaii Wedding Ceremony Officiant:  Beach Wedding Package Plan Ceremony Included

Beach Wedding Package Plan

Need a ceremony as well? Here is the piece of mind package plan.

Hawaii Beach Wedding Package Plan


If the "All Inclusive Photo Package" does not work for you because you want to have a ceremony, you can add that as an option. This is great for people who  are looking for a simple wedding ceremony at beach in Hawaii. we can arrange an officiant as well as dress rentals. This small ceremony is great for bow renewal as well.

If you ordered the package photo plan, which includes dresses and transportation and everything, but need to have ceremony  or vow renewal, or make the plan little bit more romantic by private musician,, you can always add these optional services.

Basic Beach Photo Package 

This photo package includes everything you need. It only takes half a day, 4.5 hours.

​What is included in Package:

  • Dress rental : check what kind of dresses available for package plan catalog

  • Tuxedo rental 

  • Shoes, accessories rentals

  • Professional hair-make up for bride and hair for groom.

  • Professional photography at the Ala Moana Beach / Magic Island, or Kapiolani Park if you prefer.

  • Transportation from your hotel in Waikiki to the salon, to the beach, and back to the hotel.

  • (Another package with Limousine is available, too)

  • Ceremony (No legal validation but with your request, we can arrange.) & a certificate (No legal validation.)

  • Ukulele Singer

  • Wedding Limousine


So what is the catch? Because this is discounted price, here is what is limited for.

  1. You can only choose your outfits from this Package Catalog. Please remember. In the salon, there are more selections. The catalog is showing only part of the items.

  2. Your plan only happens only all in 1 day. You can not come to the salon before to check out what is there.

As long as you are OK with these, this package deal is highly recommended and very reasonable plan. We provide this service over 7 years and we have been serving over 1000 couples a year without claim. So you do not need to worry about our service. If you are not sure, please set up the Zoom meeting and we will answer to your questions.

Price ONLY: $1800 tax included (Weekend and holiday, +$300)
Enhancement Options

If you want to add extra dress or extra locations, please check enhancement plan details.

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