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ocean front private garden wedding Hawaii

Private Ocean-front GardenWedding 

Have your special moment in our exclusive location, in front of ocean

Ocean-front Private Garden Wedding

Ceremony Package Plan


Enjoy your specail moments with your families and friends at our private Ocean-front garden! You are so lucky to find this page because it is already hard to find the ocean-front space where you can held wedding in Oahu island. There are many beautiful places in Hawaii, and easily being able to find through the AirB, but none of the places allow you to have reception or wedding party.

After I have beem looking for a private beautiful beach front space, we finally find one. 

  • Super reasonable price for this Private Ocean View garden.

  • Enjoy beautiful palm tree and blue ocean right in front of you.

  • You can arrange a reception here, if you want to.

  • Our package includes, basic transportation with limousine, a proffesional photographer, hair make up, wedding dress rental, and tuxedo.

Basic Private Garden Beach Photo Package 

This photo package includes everything you need. It only takes half a day, 5.5 hours.

​What is included in Package:

  • Location rental fee

  • Decoration and set up the garden.(Includes rental chairs, flower arrangements for the garden)

  • Dress rental

  • Tuxedo rental

  • Shoes, accessories rentals

  • Professional hair-make up for bride and hair for groom.

  • Professional photographer.

  • Ceremony (No legal validation but with your request, we can arrange.) & a certificate (No legal validation.)

  • Ukulele Singer

  • A van transportation from your hotel in Waikiki to the garden. (Limousine is additional fee)

This plan is only avaialble on weekday. As long as you are OK with these, this package deal is highly recommended and very reasonable plan. We provide this service over 7 years and we have been serving over 1000 couples a year without claim. So you do not need to worry about our service. If you are not sure, please set up the Zoom meeting and we will answer to your questions.

Price ONLY: $3500
Private Ocean-front Garden Photos

If you want to add extra dress or extra locations, we can add to this plan.

Private Ocean-front Garden Photos Sample Schedule

If you want to add extra dress or extra locations, we can add to this plan.

Most people start the photo session early in the morning.


-9:00 Arrive at our Waikiki salon, and start choosing you and your husband(or fiancée) outfits. After choosing outfits, we will do hair and make up.

-11:00 Leave the salon and head to the private garden. 

-11:30 Arrive at the garden and start doing reharsal, and prepare for the ceremony. 

-12:30 Going to the beach for beach wedding photo shooting. (If you add the enhancement plan for "Beach Photo Wedding"

-13:30 Finish the photo shooting and going back to the salon.

-14:00 Arrive to the salon and undress the outfits.

-14:15 Complete. The photo data will be sent to the email in 3 weeks or so. 

Ready to book now? Click below to schedule your wedding! There are only limited number is avaialble.

Do you want to arrange more for special events? Why don't we discuss more of your dream wedding.

Enhancement Options

These options are only if you want to enhance your plan. If it is not listed, please ask us. Mostlikely, we can addyour requests.

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