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We care what and how everyone wear

In photo shooting, one of the things you can not change is somebody's clothes.

Wedding photograph is very important photo for you and your family. You want to make it as perfect as possible. You do not want bright red dress guest showing up in blue theme wedding. We are here to help coordinate everybody's outfit to match your theme so that your photos can look like promotional photographs!

That is why we carry many colors and size of dresses and suits.

Purchasing can take long time and you only wear once. Please come to check out our store and see if you find anything you like before buying.

wedding gown.JPG

Many kinds of dresses and suits for all ages and for many occasions.


Professional hair make up to go to your hotel room.


All your needs for Kimono dressing


Men's special occasion outfit for rentals

Dress on the Wall

Sell your dress

Bring in your dresses for next users.

Bride Waving Flowers in Limo

Transportation needs


Photo, make-up, dress rentals are All-In-One Package plan.


We arrange photographer for your photo needs.

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