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Hawaii Kimono Photo Service:ハワイ着物 写真・フォトサービス

Kimono in Hawaii

All inclusive package includes kimono rentals as ells dressing, hair make up and professional photographs.
It is the easiest way to have professional kimono photo taken.

Why Kimono in Hawaii? 


Kimono is popular in Hawaii, because some Japanese immigrants came to Hawaii and their ancestors respect Japanese culture. Hawaii has a mix of culture and there are many Japanese influences in Hawaii. Because of that mixed cultural historical background, Hawaii is easily accessible for authentic Japanese cultural things, including Kimono. You will be surprised to see authentic high prestige Sushi restaurants in Hawaii as well.

Take Photos at Beautiful Natural Hawaii Setting!


In Japan and Hawaii, the most of Kimono photo service offers "In-Studio" photo sessions. That means your background is made up setting. The cost of taking photographs on those settings are pretty pricey due to Kimono wearing.

In Lidia Hawaii, we offer "On-site" photo sessions such as at the beautiful Kapiolani park and kimono dressing service on site. For wedding, we offer wedding kimono dressing and rental service at your place.

Please pick your plan according to your needs.


If you have your own Kimono, we can offer professional kimono dressing service only as well.

Things to Know about Kimono Dressing


Kimono usually requires different types of hair stylists and photographer. Unlike western style kimono, kimono is made of flat rectangular pieces. The art of kimono is to show beautiful textiles, and styling to make fit to your curved body. That means the tastefulness and comfort of Kimono wearing are all depends on the professional stylists, not the clothes itself.

Another beauty of Kimono is layering pieces to stylize. There are lots of preparations to wear Kimono, such as requiring special under garments, socks, accessories, etc.

You can wear a same kimono in modern styling, traditional styling and also Hawaiian styling. Our professional Kimono stylists can stylize Kimono for your needs. Also our dressing includes all Kimono accessories.

Preparation-Kimono:Kimono Dressing 着物着つけ

Layering Techniques

Layering of colors and textiles to make the final Kimono look in various ways. One of the challenge to wear Kimono is to prepare all these sub items.

Kimono Obi Dressing: 着物帯

Obi Sculpturing

Obi is a thick piece of cloth and can be designed many ways by stylist.

Traditional ways and modern ways.

Kimono Photo Posing

Kimono Posing

Kimono does not require active posing. The stillness beatify the elegance of Kimono styling. How and where to place hands and feet also important.

Since Kimono are made of flat pieces, the posing for photo shooting are different from regular photographs. So it is better to have somebody who knows about Kimono style photographs. You can hire any photographer but our dressing service can assist a photo posing as well. Even you wear beautiful Kimono, your posing can ruin the beauty and elegance of Kimono. Make sure to have some professionals to assist a photographer. 

Kimono Photo Package Plans by Kimono Stylings

Kimono Wedding Uchikake 打掛


Uchikake styling is the wedding style formal Kimono styling.

Furisode Photo Session 振袖着物撮影 ハワイ


For wedding and Seijinshiki celebrations.

Homongi Kimono Dressing and Rental Hawaii 訪問着と着物 ハワイ

Some Special Occasion

Suitable for party and some special occasions, such as marriage and birthday.

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