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Tailor Hawaii Custom Order Suits and Tuxedo

Custom Order Tuxedo or Suit for Your Size

Get Your Perfect Fit Suit

Men also want to be perfect look for some special occasions. If you can not find the ideal suits or tuxedos, we can help.

For example, if you have a hard time finding your size for your party suits or tuxedos, you can custom order your suits or tuxedo based on your sides. Our seamstresses are highly skilled and they prepare local school's graduation suits alterations. You can deend on us for making good fit for you. There are 3 options to place custom order.

1. Full Order: Fully custom order suits on your designs you want.

2. Semi Order: Get from our catalog and we adjust it as necessary.

3. Order from Catalog: Simply just place order your suit from catalog. No alteration included.

1. Full Order Custom Fit Suits or Tuxedo

This is the option that we take your measurements and make the suits based on your size.

You can pick the materials from our selections and we will give you a quote based on your design and fabric selections.

  • Estimate price: $750~

  • Ideal for wedding

  • Lead time: 6 weeks. Due to COVID, there may be a delay. We will try our best to meet your needs. It is best to come to visit our store as soon as you started considering, so that you have enough time to place order.

  • Production: China. However, final fittings can be done in Locally in Hawaii. Our seamstress will adjust anything you need for your fitting as much as possible. The price includes that fitting fee as well. So you can relax for perfect fitting.

2. Semi Order Custom Fit Suits or Tuxedo

This option will save you little bit money from full custom order options by choosing from catalog design first. You purchase the ready made suits and we can do alterations as necessary for you.

  • For Tuxedo for Prom and wedding, or any suits

  • Ideal for grooms men party suits set, graduation suits set

  • Estimate Price: $350~for a jacket and pant set. If it is just a pant and vest, please ask us.

  • Lead Time: 2 weeks or longer. Depending on availability and fitting schedules.

3. Purchase Suits or Tuxedo

You can just place order your suits from our catalog. No alteration included. 

​Some suits, you can just purchase from our inventory. If we do not have, we can order it for you.

  • Estimate Price: $350~for a jacket and pant set. If it is just a pant and vest, please ask us.

  • Lead Time if Out of Stock: 1 week or longer. Depending on availability and fitting schedules.


In order to make your custom fit suits or suit order, here are the steps.

  1. Book an appointment to see fabric options and design options. If you are not in Hawaii, we can do it by email. We do not send fabric samples at this time. In order to see actual fabric swatches, please come to our store.

  2. Come to our store and try our samples. Check your sizes and decide on designs.

  3. Place order. We ask for 50% non-refundable deposit at this point.

  4. After we receive your suit, we will call you to schedule another fitting. You will come to store and we do all necessary adjustments in the store.

  5. We will finish the suits and we will give you a call to pick up the suits. You pay the remaining balance.

Our Seamstresses

  1. Our Seam

We work with Pincess Kaiulani Fashions seamstresses. They are well skilled seamstresses, who are supporting making Hawaiian dresses and suits over 50 years.

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