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Hawaii Wedding Tuxedo Rentals

Black Tuxedo for Prom & Black Tie Party

Easy Rental for Prom and Wedding.

Lidia Hawaii Dress Rentals offers basic black tuxedo rentals. This basic tuxedo is perfect for black tie formal, groomsmen outfits, prom tuxedo, and wedding tuxedo.

  • You can rent on the day of the event

  • In house seamstress.

  • Basic black tuxedo from size 36~50.

  • Reasonable Pricing.

  • Comes with whole set..

Our Easy Black Tuxedo Rentals

We have all sizes and do alterations if necessary in house. If we do not have in stock, we can get it from the Mainland. Please schedule fitting early so that you have enough time to get fitted perfectly.

Our basic black tuxedo has satin lapel and satin stripe on side of the pant. The wool like material and it is perfect for any black tie formal party. This simple basic tuxedo rental discounted set price is only $300 including shirt, shoes, accesories, and pant's hemming. A basic black vest or satin vest is also available.

If you need special black formal attire, please contact us. We can get it for you but the price will be more.

Basic Black Tuxedo

Long Tail Dress Tuxedo

The Rental Process (for people who can come to our store.)

1. Book an appointment for size fitting. We check your sizes.

   - Try our tuxedo and check fitting. Decide on sizes and check any alterations necessary.

   If you can not come to the store, you can look at our size chart.

2. Make a payment and deposit. 

  - Pay rental fee and decide when you will pick up the item and when you want to return. We need a credit card and ID for security. In addition to the rental fee, we ask for refundable $400 deposit. (refund upon returning.)

Payments only acceptable by credit card only. If cash, the deposit will be higher.

3. Come to pick up the tuxedo on the day of pick up.

  - We make all necessary alterations ready for you. Simple alterations such as pant's hemming is included in the rental fee.

4. Bring back the tuxedo.

  - Bring in your tuxedo the day you promised to return. No cleaning necessary. Cleaning fee is also included in the rental fee. If you stay at hotels in Waikiki, you can return at the hotel with additional fee.

5. We refund any security deposits on hold.

Please give us at least 5 days or longer to do alterations. If sizes are not available, we can purchase it for you, but it will take few weeks. Please come to our store as soon as possible.

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