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Sizing Guide


Easy Solutions for Matching Outfits

Groomsmen Sizing Guide

Once you have a list of guests, you can start collecting sizing information to make the fitting smooth and easy.

Rentals is convenient, but you may not want to worry about if there is no size available.  It is best if you can gather information before fitting. (If you can come to the store and do the physical fitting, that is the best way, but what do you do if you can not come?)

 However how we measure dress pants? and Jackets?

Tips: If you are not sure, ask your friends to measure their own jackets and pants that fit, rather than ask them to measure their body measurements. 


Jackets comes in size as well as "Fit," and "Length."

Size are indicates "Slim" and "Classic" along with 34-56.

"Classic " for more built-up structured body type. Person who are doing more training, broader shoulder, and muscular arms, please go with "Classic."

Length sizes are indicated in "Short, " "Regular" and "Long."

If you are not sure about which length of the jacket, just check the shirts, first. 


Slim Fit Jacket

Classic Fit Jackets


You can just measure your wait but you also need to know your length. The pant's length usually indicated as "Inseam" which is the length from clotch to the hem. You do not want to make your pants too short nor too long. In order to have time lasting look, we recommend to have classic fit look.

If your body is well build, such as masscular thigh, consider "Classic Fit" over "Slim Fit"

The sizing chart below is to use for Groom's men suits for our basic rental suits for Dark navy, grey, and beige.

In addition to the pant's size, please get information of "Inseam." If your friends do not know the inseam, as him to measure his dress pants they own and measure that outfits, rather than his measuring his own. 

Slim Fit Pants

Slim Fit Pants

Classic Fit Pants

 Classic Fit Pants

Dress Shirts:

Many casual shirts are sizes in Small, Medium, Large, etc., but the dress shirts are little different. Since you will wear ties, the neck size needs to be proper sizing. Neck size are from 14.5~19.5 inch. Also like the jackets, the shirt usually have "Fits" Slim or Classic. 

Another thing you want to consider the proper shirt sizing are sleeve length. You want to have perfect sleeve length based on the jackets.

Our Products for Groomsmen

Our products are for formal styling to little less formal Hawaiian styling selections. You can enjoy mixing of Hawaiian and non-Hawaiian styling to create your unique original Wedding style.

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