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Men's Suits Rentals Hawaii

Men's Basic Suits 

Did you know men's formal wear sizing is very meticulous and can add costs so much even after you purchase a suit? Preparing for wedding costs a lot and stressful for you and also your guests. If you are looking for a very basic suits for your groomsmen or prom or party, this is the solution. The basic suits can be fashionably coordinated with bowties to match any color of your wedding theme color. All men can look very nice with dark navy suits. The best thing is our rental includes pants hemming and fitting, so we make sure to fit every men perfectly. Our basic navy suits come in size 34-56 and both slim cut fit and classic fits. We can fit almost any men in our suits.

Sizing information of this suit collection.

Please use this size info for people who can not come to the in-store fitting. 

Basic Suits


Special Price 


Complete 3pc. Set: $200 (compare with $550 or more for retail pricing)

-Jacket, Vest, Dress Shirt, Bow Tie, Pants, Dress Shoes

Jacket Set: $185 

-Jacket, Dress Shirt, Bow Tie, Pants, Dress Shoes (No Vest)

Vest Set:$135 (No jacket.)

-Vest, Dress Shirt, Bow Tie, Pants, Dress Shoes (No Jacket)

Pant's hemming are included in the price. Eliminating shoes nor shirts won't get extra discount. We have plenty of stocks but if it is out of stock, we can order it for you. Please inquire us early. For pants, we do hemming as well. 

For other colors, please check men's suits.

What is the process of rental? 

Price incudes pants alteration and Jacket sleeve (easy hand shorten way. Pants hemming can costs $15 or more if you purchase elsewhere! but it is included!)

No Cleaning neccesary. We take care of it. (It can costs $25 or more for suits dry cleaning.)


Special Benefits. Why You Rent from Us.

Our business is small locally running business. Our stocks are in here so we can rent your suits at the same day if we have in stock. We have a small sewing facility so we can handle alterations in-house with our skillful staffs. Even you purchase your suits, how often do you wear? How much do you need to pay for extra alteration?

We have been doing custom making dress and also dress rental businesses and we truly want our local people happy. So we made this special group discount offer. There are dark navy, beige, and grey suits to choose from. The suits is high quality and it includes some alterations.

In order to fit you better, we need some time, so please inquire us early. In order to proceed alterations, we need deposit. 

Still Not Sure? or You Rather Want to Purchase?

You can also purchase from us. We have different color suits and tuxedo available in these suits.

If you purchase from us, all alteration is included. Please give us 3-4 weeks to do all fittings and alteration complete. Please plan ahead. If you have any questions, please contact us at anytime. $400~

For other groomsmen's selections, please check out  "Rent or Buy?"

We also rent beige and grey color suits, showing below. For this suit's sizing info, please check here.

If you want to rent grey or beige suits, you are better to hold the suits, since our inventories of these two colors are limited.

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