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Easy Solutions for Matching Outfits

Easy Way to Have Matching Styling for

Time-saving and No More Planning for Wedding Preparation! Just check everybody's sizes or just come in to the rental store for fittings to prepare groomsmen.

Aren't you overwhelmed to plan for so many things for your wedding in Hawaii?

You need to prepare for invitations to your relatives and friends, as well as planning for honeymoon trips, but you still need to plan for your bridesmaid and groomsmen outfits! That is so much!

- It is hard to find all men's size pants.

- Need to decide what color

- Feel bad to ask everybody to purchase the same pants.

- It costs too much to get everybody's outfits.

The rental can be a solution.

Lidia Hawaii has several selections of men's dress pants.

Our Products for Groomsmen

Our products are for formal styling to little less formal Hawaiian styling selections. You can enjoy mixing of Hawaiian and non-Hawaiian styling to create your unique original Wedding style.

Hawaiian Style | Vest and Pants | Suits | Groomsmen Special

Price Comparison - How much saving?

How good this deal is? When you usually take all these items separately, the estimated cost is,

- Dress Pants Retail Price $80-120 

- Bowtie or tie: $12~15

- Suspender: minimum $12~15

- Dress Shirt or Hawaiian Shirt: $30~150

- Dress Shoes or Casual Shoes : $45~125

- Other Accessories such as Kukui Lei: $10~75

TOTAL: $125 or more depending on what you prepare.

Your cost will be just $35~! The more items you rent, you save more!


What is Your Next Step?

If you are in Hawaii.....

 You and your friends all come to our store for fitting. Please let us know what color of pants you are thinking and how many of them.

If you live in outside Hawaii...

You can email us what you are looking for first. We can tell you what we can prepare for you.

If you want to visit our store virtually, please book an virtual Zoom store visit.

Groomsmen Products
Price Comparion
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