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All Inclusive Package Photo Locations

The basic plan's photo shooting location is at the Ala Moana Beach, and Magic Island.

If you like more greenery photos, you can change it to Kapiolani Park instead of the beach without any additional charge.

LOCATION CHANGEs without additional charge are

LOCATION CHANGE with Additional fee:

You can always ADD those additional location in addition to the Ala Moana Beach Park, if you want with additional charge of $350. The time will be little change. The photo cut will be 50 of each location. (Total 100 cuts)


Please check all different locations below. We highly recommend at the Ala Moana Beach if you are not sure.

If you want to have more variety of photographs, we recommend to add the Waikiki location with outfit change.


Ala Moana Beach & Magic Island

The basic plan's photo shooting location is the Ala Moana Beach or Magic Island. Both are next to each other.

This beach is 15 min. drive from Waikiki area, and it is located in front of the Ala Moana Shopping Center.

The beach is big enough to give you several varieties of backdrops, such as beautiful blue ocean, fresh green large tropical tree, and the Diamond Head iconic mountain backgrounds.

This location is good for sunset photo shooting as well. Sunset photo shoot is additional $350.

Ala Moaa Beach & Magic Isand

Kapiolani Park (Ocean Side) & Beach


If you care more greenery area than beach area, the Kapiolani Park is also nice choice. If you order All Inclusive Photo Package, you can change location to this park instead of the Ala Moana Beach Park.

The Kapiolani Park is surrounded by trees and glasses and you can see the Diamond dead bigger than other location. The main photo shooting will be at the park. If you want to have little beach photo, we can walk across to the beach as well. 

  • You can change from Ala Mona Beach Park location to this Kapiolani Park without any fee.

  • You can add this location and have 50 cuts of each location of Ala Moana Beach & the Kapiolani Park for additional $350