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What are consignments?

Have lightly used dresses sitting in your closet?

Bring your bridal dresses and accessories and sell them at our store for your desired price.

No initial costs if it has been professionally cleaned!

Bring it to Lidia Hawaii and leave it to us to sell!



Make a smart choice

How it works

Step 1


Take a picture of the item you'd like to sell and send it to

We'll contact you if it fits our standards.

Step 2


Once you get it approved from us, make sure it's professionally cleaned and has a cover bag.

You can also dry clean through us for additional costs.

Step 3


Set an appointment to bring your items to  store. Once you get to the store, follow the procedure to set up your contract and price range.

We will hold your item(s) for 3 month.

Step 4


Now you're all set! 

Just wait and we'll let you know via email once it's sold. You will get 70% of the price that it was sold for.


How much is dry cleaning fee?


The price can range anywhere from $20-250 depending on the fabric and details of your dress. Try consult with us before you bring to your own dry cleaners. 

Can I set a fixed price instead of a price range?


Yes, you can provide a fixed price but you'll have higher chance of selling by providing a price range. 

We can adjust the price between the price range you provide weekly.  

Do you accept other items than bridal dress or accessories?


We always welcome and value your opinions and demands.

We usually accept wedding gowns, bridesmaids dresses, bridal accessories, tuxedos, and groomsmen suits,  

however, exceptions can be made. Please consult with us!

What if it doesn't sell?


If your item does not sell within 3 months from the day you brought your item, we will contact you to return the item.

Any questions, please contact us.

307 Lewers St, Watumall bld. #306 

Tel : 808 921 8117

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