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White Dresses

Welcome to Lidia Hawaii Dress Rentals, everyone’s favorite rental store.

We’ve got great deals available on a selection of our white dresses for your wedding ceremony, photo wedding, and vow renewal outfits. Perfect for people who are looking for a Simple Wedding Dress.

We focus on more easy-to-wear, lacey, light wedding dresses than ball gown type. Most of our clients rent for a small wedding, a reception party dress and photo wedding.


Browse through our catalog today and save big on your next purchase.

By clicking the images, it gives you some more details about the dress. We have limited sizes so please check on your sizes. Most of our dresses are Small~Large sizes. (Size 0~22)

White lacey dresses are perfect for casual Hawaiian wedding, hot weather in Hawaii, and beautiful beach photo wedding.

For All Inclusive Photo Package, please check this catalog.


Dress Catalog

Style Book

You are not sure what to choose? If your goal is to find outfits for photo shooting, why don't you consider our ALL INCLUSIVE PACKAGE!

For ALL INCLUSIVE PACKAGE DRESS CATALOG, please check under Package Menu.

* Package plan has different selections of dresses. This page is only for "Dress Rental Only."

Wedding Dresses by Size

Size 0 Dresses

Size 2 Dresses