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Traditional Furisode Kimono Hawaii 振袖着物サービス ハワイ

FURISODE Kimono Rentals & Photo

for Coming of Age Ceremony.
SEIJINSHIKI Kimono Rentals & Photo Shoot in Hawaii 


Even you are in Hawaii, you can celebrate your daughter's or son's coming of age ceremony.

Coming of Age Ceremony with Kimono Dressing

In Japan, at the age of 20 is the celebration of becoming "Adulthood." 

How we celebrate this special 20 year-old ceremony.

It is called SEIJINSHIKI. Girls usually dress up with luxurious FURISODE kimono. FURISODE is long sleeve kimono with beautiful silk print fabrics. It is usually bright colors and celebrate young age before marriage.

振袖着物ハワイ furisode kimono hawaii

We Take Photos Inside Setting or On-site.


​ Unlike many other photo studios, we take your beautiful Kimono at inside or outside setting, such as at the Kapiolani Park or beach.

We offer kimono rentals and kimono dressing services for Japanese style wedding photoshoots, for celebrations, anniversary, or any occasion!

Kimono Photography is great way to cerebrate anniversaries, such as 25th wedding anniversary, birthday, 20year old anniversary.

 If you have your own Kimono and need assistance to wear, we also do kimono dressing service.

Kimono dressing is not same as a dress. We can let you know how to behave and take photographs for Kimono style.

About Kimono Stylings

One of the beauty of Kimono is change any style of Kimono by dressing techniques. Because of that, it really depends on the skills and taste of the dressing professionals.

We work with Sayumi Wedding, which offers highly skilled professionals, and all staffs we arrange are the Japanese Kimono Dressings licensees. 

FURISODE: Seijinshiki Kimono Style Photo Package Plan


"Homongi" is a formal dressing but not as formal as wedding. It is perfect for wedding guests and mother of bride.

"Furisode" is long sleeve usually bright color kimono, which is usually used for cerebration of 20 year old, Hatachi Seijinshiki Ceremony.

We offer Homongi or Furisode kimono dressing and photo shooting service.

The photoshoot is done by a professional photographer but it can be an option.

Price starts at $1200+tax

What are Included:

- Hair Only (Make up is optional)

- Kimono dressing

- Kimono rental fee : Woman's Kimono (Furisode) or Men's Kimono

- Professional photo shooting at the Kapiolani Park.

- Photo cut is minimum 70.

- Duration: 2.5hr the day of photo shooting. 


Adding extra Kimono Styling +$450

- Private estate in front of the beach location photo: +$560

- Change location at the beautiful Japanese garden at the Byodo-in temple: +$750

- Any other on-site Kimono Dressing & Photos: Ask

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