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Kimono Costume Dressing Oiran Style: 花魁スタイル ハワイで体験

OIRAN Kimono Styling.
Luxury Kimono Costume Play in Hawaii 

OIRAN is one of the Kimono styling worn by highest-ranking courtesans in Japanese history, who were considered to be above common prostitutes known as "Yu-jo." "Yu" means play and entertain, and "Jo" means women.

In order to show high rank status, Oiran wears a lot of layers of Kimono and Obi, which is the wide belt in Kimono" worn in front side, rather than back side.

OIRAN Kimono Photo Package.


This plan offers Oiran styling kimono, and special hair and make up for this playful Kimono styling.

The package includes

  • Layers of Oiran Silk Kimono

  • Special Kimono dressing by lisenced specialist.

  • Special hair and make up

  • All hair accessories to make your hair look gorgeous

  • Professional photographer's photographs.

  • Photo cut is minimum 30.

  • Duration: 2.5~3.0 hr.

What to wear will be decided on the same day as the photo shooting. You can consult the make up and hair styling on the same day.

Price starts at $1500 (including tax)

This is great for some memorable photo shooting such as cerebrating birthday or certain age.

This can be great gifts for mother and grand mother.

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