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How do you choose a wedding dress? a wise idea.

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

A Hawaii wedding that decorates the best moments with your loved one.

Blessed by family and friends, the loved one is wrapped in a beautiful veil.

After choosing a party venue, you will look for a wedding dress for you.

The bride will spend a lot of time choosing one beautiful wedding dress from the thousands of dresses to decorate the big day.

To choose the dress, you may want to consider based on your body type, location, and your image that you want to create in the venue.

What Wedding Dress Design will Fit Your Body the Best?

Many brides jumps into looking at a dress catalog. But before doing it, you may want to consider what design compliments your body as well.

Some body figure may look nice on mermaids line and some are great on A line dress. Also large bust lady may be nice on the open back design.

If you usually have a hard time finding your clothing at stores, you may want to allow extra time to look for a dress, because you may need alteration time and you may want to consider custom order dress.

In Hawaii, Princess Kaiulani Fashions offers custom order wedding dress in beautiful Hawaiian print fabric.

Hawaiian wedding dress
Hawaiian wedding dress at Kahala hotel

Traditional Hawaiian Wedding Dress from Princess Kaiualani Fashions
Traditional Hawaiian Wedding Dress from Princess Kaiualani Fashions

What is the location is like, and what kind of look?

I highly recommend to have some ideas of theme of your wedding, such as "Bohemian" "Natural" "Vintage" "Modern" "Cute and pretty princess" and so on.

Also for the wedding dress, some bride wants just simple dress, and some are highly formal ball gown dress. For a large church, ball gown may be nice choice but some brides who are looking for more natural, beach or outside wedding may not want big ball gown wedding dress. Also more and more brides come to Hawaii for wedding photo shoot for honeymoon. In that case, ball gown may not be a choice.

Bohemian Tone-down Color Scheme
Bohemian Tone-down Color Scheme

Do you want to buy or rent a dress?

Once you know a rough ideas of the dress you want, you may also consider buying or renting the dress. If you are coming to Hawaii and want to have wedding photo shoot, you may want to rent a dress.

If you just need a dress for photo shoot, you can also consider All Inclusive Photo Package.

If you rent, you save some money so you can spend more for decorating your party, more gorgeous meal , and more budget for bridesmaid and grooms.

You can also consider bridesmaid and groomsmen outfits for rentals.

If you rent it, you just need to return the outfits, without dry cleaning. Wedding dress cleansing can cost more than $100! For groomsmen and for groom, it costs as well!

I hope you will find your dream dress and happy wedding!

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