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Best Hawaii Wedding Photo Spots for Photo Shoots for Wedding, Family, and Anniversary

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Best Wedding Photo Spots in Waikiki Area

If you are looking for the best photo spots around the Waikiki area, then Ala Moana is one of the photo locations.

Ala Moana Beach Park is the most popular Hawaii Wedding Photo Spot

Ala Moana is located right next to Waikiki main area, so it is a highly efficient location for wedding pictures or family pictures where you can have both the blue and greenish background in a short time! If you want to save your time, but still want to have a scenic picture with a great view of Hawaii, this is a time-saving spot! Ala Moana Beach Park is also one of the best places to watch the sunset near Waikiki. This location has almost all necessary parts for Hawaii wedding photo.

Magic Island - One of the Top Waikiki Photo Wedding Location

Magic Island is a manmade peninsula and at the east end of Ala Moana Beach Park. It features large seawalls and a shallow lagoon. You can see Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head, which are two iconic views of Oahu in the background!

The park has lots of different looks, so you can have shots that have backgrounds with direct sunset views, a calm sandy beach, rock promenades, Diamond Head views, and Waikiki views in one site. In the lawn area of the park, there are many shades created by monkeypod trees, so even babies and elders can easily take a break while the photoshoot.

The best benefit of these locations; Ala Moana Beach Park and Magic Island are very close to Waikiki Hotel areas. You can take a taxi for 5 to 10 mins or even walk from some hotels.

  • Parking lots in the park.

  • Multiple bathrooms in the park.

  • Close to the Ala Moana Shopping Center.

  • Family-friendly

Hawaii photo wedding
Hawaii photo wedding at the Ala Moana Beach Park

Photos at the Ala Moana beach park.

Photo Wedding in Hawaii at the Ala Moana Beach Park
Photo Wedding in Hawaii at the Ala Moana Beach Park

Lidia Hawaii offers "All Inclusive Photo Package" at this location.


Kapiolani Park & Kaimana Beach, as known as Sans Souci Beach

If you want to have a closer shot of Diamond Head in your picture, then Kapiolani Park is the best photo spot! The park is located at the east end of Waikiki Beach.

Seeing up close to Diamond Head from Kapiolani Park is spectacular, especially with the sunset light. Taking a picture from the east side of the park is better than from near the center for having Diamond Head in the background. There are lots of large banyan trees, monkeypods, and cedar trees on the site, so you can take a lot of Hawaiian nature shots against the backdrop of Diamond Head. You can also take a romantic atmosphere into your photo like medieval Europe at the water fountain in the park. The combination of Banyan tree and sunset will make your picture fantastical.

This park is also recommended for family photo shooting with little kids, as you can take good shots while they are playing around.

If you want a beach shot, you can take a picture at Kaimana Beach, which is right next to the park!!

  • Plenty of parking lots; both paid and free.

  • Multiple toilets in Kapiolani Park (near each parking lot)

  • Family-friendly

Note: At Kapiolani Park, in the evening, even on weekdays, both adults and children practice clubs such as soccer and volleyball.

Kahala Beach & Waialae Beach Park

Waialae Beach Park and adjoining Kahala Beach are located near the Kahala Resort area. It is a beach park with a beautiful peninsula and small islands. Coconut trees and lovely landscaping makes the perfect backdrop for your wedding photo in Hawaii. Kahala bach is one of the most popular wedding destinations in Oahu.

The best photo spot is along the coastline as you take a walk toward the Kahala Hotel. There are not as many buildings around as Waikiki, so you can take pictures that are typical of Hawaii, but not too far from the Waikiki area. Weekdays are recommended. Saturdays and Sundays get crowded with people having beach barbecues and the parking lot gets filled up.

  • 15 to 20 mins away from Waikiki by car, about 3 miles (4.8 km) east of Waikiki.

  • You can also walk into the Kahala Hotel and see the dolphins inside of the hotel (Reservation required for the activities)

  • Bathroom in the beach park

  • One of the popular wedding/eloping destinations in Hawaii

For the photo package plan, you can choose this Kapiolani Beach park instead of Ala Moana beach park for "All Inclusive Photo Package Plan"


Oahu Best Photography Locations - East Side

Waimanalo Beach

There are several great beach locations in the Waimanalo area and most of these beaches in Waimanalo have great views and backgrounds and with far fewer people.

With around three miles of pristine white sand beach to choose from, three islands off in the distance, a boundless turquoise ocean. As well as, nestled by beautiful mountains on all sides. *As of 2022, it is not allowed to do professional photo in this beach anymore.

Sherwood Forest Beach

The beach is located almost in the middle of Waimanalo Bay. Lining ironwood trees along the beach offers a unique view of intimate forest shots, and the stark contrast between the beach and forest gives couples a two-in-one location.

  • 40 - 45 mins from Waikiki by Car

  • A long (3-mile) beach stroll, white sand beach

  • Parking is available at the Beach Park

  • Plenty of shade - many ironwood trees along the beach

  • Beach Park has picnic tables and a pavilion

  • There are bathrooms in the Waimanalo Bay Beach Park (Sometimes has no toilet paper)

  • Good for both sunrise and midday. No direct sunset views.

Makai Research Pier; Secrets Photo Spot in Oahu by Waimanalo

Makai Pier is a great location with rocky shores, sandy beach, under-the-pier perspectives, Rabbit Island views, and more. The location is great in the morning or evening, but no direct sunset views.

Waimanalo Country Farm - Sunflower Field (Seasonal)

Beautiful sunflower shots with Koolau Range background. Other than sunflowers, they also have a pumpkin patch, cornfields.

*Please Note, since the farm is a real working farm, sunflower fields may only be open to the public during the special event hours or limited season; mainly June to July. *For the event, reservation is required.

*For commercial photos, including professional photo shooting, required to contact the farm ahead.

Once you decide on the location, do not forget to pick your dresses and for your partner's outfits to make the best photo shots! You can rent or buy your dresses. Lidia Hawaii Dress Rentals offers accessory rentals as well as dresses, tuxedo and more. You can check out our dress catalogs and men's suits rentals.

Overwhelming to think all these? Why don't you consider All Inclusive Photo Package Plan.

Best Photoshoot Locations Oahu - North Shore

Haleiwa Alii Beach Park

Haleiwa is one of the famous Hawaiian historical towns that has lots of cafes, restaurants, and art galleries. The Haleiwa Alii Beach Park is located west of the Haleiwa Small Boat Harbor.

Since the beach is in the community of Haleiwa, this is one of the favorite gathering spots among North Shore residents who enjoy kayaking, stand-up paddling, and surfing. There is a large grassy area with plenty of room for a picnic. A recreation center named Kalili Surf Center is located in the park. North shore is famous for surf competitions, and a few surfing contests take place here in this area during the winter months.

  • Located about 1-hour drive from Waikiki

  • 19-acre beach park in Haleiwa on Oahu's North Shore

  • Haleiwa and the North Shore of Oahu are known as the surfing capital of the world

  • In the Old Hawaiian Plantation Town Haleiwa has a quaint atmosphere.

  • Lots of restaurants, cafes, and art galleries in Haleiwa

  • There is parking is available. However, it may be difficult to find in the town.

Over View

1. Ala Moana Beach Park

- Convenient (Close to the Ala Moana Shopping Center, Next to Waikiki) - Has a great view of the ocean and Diamond Head - Romantic atmosphere and sunset

2. Magic Island

- Convenient (Close to the Ala Moana Shopping Center, Next to Waikiki)

- Has a great view of the ocean and Diamond Head

- Romantic atmosphere and sunset

3. Kapiolani Park & Kaimana Beach, as known as Sans Souci Beach

- Convenient - Closest beach park from Waikiki main area - Great View (close-up view) of Diamond Head - Romantic atmosphere and sunset ***If you are looking for the iconic "Hawaii" elements, like Diamond Head or palm trees. You may want to check out those locations above.

4. Kahala Beach & Waialae Beach Park

- One of the most popular Wedding locations in Oahu.

- Located near the Kahala Resort area

- Lovely landscaping makes with Coconut trees

- Typical-of-Hawaii view but not too far from Waikiki.

5. Waimanalo Beach Park & Waimanalo Bay area

- Less crowded - No building background - Two-in-one location for both ocean view and forest views - 40 - 45 mins drive away from Waikiki

6. Haleiwa Alii Beach Park

- In the famous Hawaiian Historic Town Haleiwa - Far from Waikiki area; 1 hr drive away from Waikiki

Hawaii Popular Photo Spot Map
Hawaii Popular Photo Spot Map
Hawaii Popular Photo Spot Map in Northshore
Hawaii Popular Photo Spot Map in Northshore

[Time and day of the week for photo shooting]

  • Beaches and parks are almost always crowded on weekends and holidays.

* There may be public holidays on Mondays. When there is a parade or event, the road may be blocked during that time. It is better to check when you make a reservation for your family photo or wedding photo shooting.

  • Morning time is better. More people come to beaches in the afternoon. Or you can aim for the golden hour, aka magic hour, shortly after sunrise or before sunset.

* Some areas, especially outside of Waikiki and Kahala, are close to the residential areas. Please be mannered and respect residence. Check the signs for parking, noise. We would appreciate it.

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