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Elopement Hawaii Wedding Idea - Best Destination Weddings

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Eloping in Hawaii Make Your Dream Weddings on the Beach Come True!

What is Elope Wedding?

 Elopement Hawaii is a New-style of Wedding for couples who want to choose to celebrate their marriage with just themselves and focus on what both of you want to do.

 Eloping technical definition is running away from your parents or family who are against you getting married to your partner. However, as I mentioned earlier, it has transformed over the years and a bit more nuanced in the wedding term. These days, Elope Wedding is not as uncommon practice or taboo anymore.

For an Elopement Wedding,

You can Incorporate Your Personal Decisions!

 Elopements are more intimate affairs with no guests or a handful of guests. One of the wonderful things about an elopement is there is no right or wrong, so you can blend both traditional and non-traditional elements to make your day exactly what you’ve envisioned. Some prefer an intimate beach setting, others choose a romantic cruise wedding, or a more laid-back style wedding.

The most important is that you follow your own desires to make your day memorable.

How to Elope? What you need for an Elopement Wedding?

For having a wedding in Hawaii, here is what you need:

  • A marriage license (No witnesses required / No blood tests required) You will need to bring a government-issued ID (If you're legally married in your state or country, a marriage license is not needed to have an elopement wedding.)

  • A registered marriage performer to perform your ceremony and file the license, such as officiant, pastor, celebrant, etc. Only state-approved performers can legally marry you and deal with the post-wedding paperwork. You can take a look for a marriage performer by location on the Hawaii State Department of Health Website for your eloping to get married.

*Note: Subject to change, so please make sure to check the latest Marriage Licence information on the Hawaiian Government Website and don’t dismiss the legalities.

*For full info, check out the Hawaii State Department for official instructions and laws before you begin the elopement process.


Why Elope?

Be Stress-Free

 Weddings are large celebrations and quite stressful to arrange; determining a budget, sending invitations, seating charts, choosing your wedding cake, creating a seating chart, finding wedding catering… and everything in between… At an elope wedding, you don’t have to deal with all these things.

Make the Wedding more Affordable

 Since you can focus on what you want to do let you provide an affordable wedding in Hawaii, but still merry and enjoyable! Traditional Weddings can be expensive to plan if you don’t have the funds. Or, you may want to decide rather than saving money for the future instead of spending it on a lavish wedding.

 Here is the tip to help your elope wedding in Hawaii! To be honest, you don’t have to bring anything, except your love and documents for a marriage license, if you use Hawaii Dress Rentals by Lidia Hawaii.

Renting Wedding Dresses is Better Than Purchasing.

1. You get a dress of better quality by renting. 2. Purchased wedding dress is only worn once and will end up deep in your closet. 3. You can get multiple dresses with the money you save.

Get the most out of your wedding experience by renting your wedding gowns. For more information about rentals!

We offer a Wedding Package that includes Wedding Photo, Wedding Dress Rental, Tuxedo Rental, Hair-Make Up, and Transportation. The price is only USD 1,200 for all-inclusive package. For detail., check here.

If you try to book all of these services separately, the estimated cost is normally, between USD 1,160 to USD 1,960 or more.

Also, if you rent a dress now, you can rent wedding jewelry! Save on extra cost for High-quality Wedding Accessories, that worth saving USD180 ~ USD800.

For men, we also rent shirts, ties, suspenders, pants, and shoes. There is also a set package that includes all of these items.

Combine your Destination Wedding and Honeymoon - Intimate and Romantic, More Time for Yourselves

 Your time is also valuable! If you try to find all the services I mentioned above separately, you’ll obviously get less time to enjoy the happy moment with your partner before and during the wedding. When you are in Hawaii on your wedding vacation or honeymoon, don’t waste your time like that. You can rent your dress and look for his tuxedo, and some other things such as jewelry, shoes to match your outfit in one place, so you don’t have to check in another place. Even returning the clothes and items you rent. It’s easy!

  • No Cleaning Necessarily.

  • You Can Return All the Items to the Hotel in Waikiki, or Our Store in Waikiki.

As opposed to a traditional wedding, you can focus on what is most important for YOU and YOUR PARTNER. Not only keep your ceremony intimate but also your wedding vacation fulfilled.

 Exploring Hawaii with Hawaiian shirts and Muumuu or Hawaiian dress is becoming a newly popular activity for a honeymoon in Hawaii. When you visit Hawaii, you will feel that you want to experience everything on the island but also in Hawaiian style. Muumuu Rainbow has a wide variety of aloha wear including matching outfits and we'll make sure you're dressed in style, not like tacky resort dresses or shirts.


Other Optional Service We Have

We will help you to make your Hawaii wedding and honeymoon

meaningful and comfortable.

  • Limousine Charter Service

  • Oahu Sightseeing Limousine (You can go sightseeing on the island of Oahu before or after choosing your wedding outfits.)

  • Transfer from the airport to Waikiki (You can go directly from the airport to the rental dress shop.)

  • Oahu Dolphin Tour

  • Order fresh flower lei, Haku-lei, fresh flower bouquets, and headdresses delivered to your hotel in the Waikiki area.

  • Dinner Cruise Star of Honolulu; Oahu's largest luxury cruise ship. Onboard ceremony with the captain (USD 750) with 5-Star Sunset Dining & Jazz (USD 201/person) or 3-Star Sunset Dinner & Show (USD 151/person) If you apply, you can have a meal and a wedding onboard on the same day. The captain will help you with your vows.


Hawaii is the Best Place to Elope in the US!!

 Hawaii destination weddings are recognized throughout the world nowadays, and eloping in Hawaii legally isn’t difficult. The process to obtain a marriage license is the same for US citizens or those traveling from abroad. Also, Hawaii does not require US citizenship or a blood test to apply for a license. That makes getting married in Hawaii easier for couples coming from another country. Another benefit of eloping in Hawaii is you can get the license the same day and you can have your wedding the day the license is issued. (except weekends and holidays.)

Elopement Hawaii Dress
Because of Eloping, you can have an unconventional wedding ceremony in your own style.

 Elopements are a great way to have an affordable destination wedding. And Hawaii has a beautiful atmosphere and makes your dream wedding incredibly easy to do. You will be in paradise as soon as you are landed. Slow down and relax and enjoy more than just your ceremony day.

 You don’t have to rush and be busy. Go relax on the beach, get a massage, and do some fun Hawaiian activities together. Take in all Hawaii has to offer!

If you’re ready to begin planning your Hawaii elopement,

please REACH OUT.

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