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What to do with your wedding gown after Wedding? | Resale Wedding Dress.

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Wedding dress after the wedding?
Wedding dress after the wedding?

While wedding gowns can cost you a fortune, they are only worn once and are kept deep back in your closet. Though it is often kept for years, it is rare that it is worn once again. If you planned on eventually selling your wedding gown, there is a method to get the most money back with your old wedding gown through a method called consignment service.

All you have to do is bring your dress to a shop and wait until it sells!

You get certain portion of the price that it is sold for. The percentage that you receive differs depending on the store but is often times around 50%.

If you're in Oahu, you're in luck as we have started offering consignment service for up to 70% of the price you sold your dress for! Furthermore, if your dress is professionally cleaned, there will be no initials costs necessary and you will be able to decide on the price.

Keep it simple and hassle-free. Just bring in the dress as is for consultation.

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