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ZOOM Store Visit or Consultation Available.


Dress Rentals for Hawaii Wedding, Photo Wedding and any other special occasions

Rent dress to impress and look your best for your special occasion or any party.

With various designs and styles of dresses ranging from traditional Japanese Kimonos, prom dresses, Hawaiian dresses, to wedding dresses. We offer dresses for every occasions to meet your needs. We are confident to be able to provide a dress and service that will exceed your expectations!

In photo shooting, one of the things you can not change is somebody's outfits.

Wedding photograph is very important photo for you and your family. You want to make it as perfect as possible. You do not want a bright red dress guest showing up in blue theme wedding. We are here to help coordinate everybody's outfit to match your wedding theme so that your wedding photos can look the best!


Purchasing can take long time and you only wear once. Please come to check out our store and see if you find anything you like before buying.



We carry popular basic colors such as black, white, blue, pink, beige green, purple, etc.




from size XS to 4XL for dress, and from 34 to 55 Jackets for men, all men's size pants from baby to 46 inch pants.

Shoes:baby-14, Women 42

party fashionable bowties.jpg


Vails, bags, shoes and all other items to complete your look are in one place for rent.


This 3hr-3.5hr. photo package includes everything you need for beach photo session: a wedding dress, tuxedo, hair-make up, photographer and transportation.

Great for Surprise event, pre-wedding, honeymoon photos.

Save your time & Money!


Choose from Hawaiian to Wedding Dress design selections. Our selections are Easy-to wear designs and comfortable. If you find a favorite photographer or you just want to do photographs by yourself, get ready with beautiful outfits for photo session. You can also rent for your partner and make your look the best with 2 together.

TK-621160-161-52 (3).jpg

Bring all of your groomsmen here to do all fittings together. Select from basic Grey, Beige, Navy suits or black tuxedo for your wedding group. We also have beautiful pastel color selection suits. The best part is a shirt, tie, shoes are all ready at one place.

Make your friends who travel from outside Hawaii happy as well! 

Hair Make up and Kimono Rental Service

We offer not only rental dress and tuxedo services but also hair make-up and photograph services.

We do Kimono dressing and rentals, too.


All Inclusive Photo Wedding Package in Hawaii

If you are looking for casual, easy wedding photographs, we offer special beach photo wedding package. The package includes Hair-make up, dress rental, tuxedo rental, and professional photo shooting.

The package starts $1200.

Check more details below.

Rental Wedding and Prom, Mother of Bride Dresses

No cleanings are required! Just rent, wear and return back to our store.

While outfits for special occasions are often times only worn once or twice, the cleaning cost for such outfits can be quite costly. With rentals, you will no longer be burdened by the cost of cleaning and maintaining special outfits.

We have a wide selection of designs available in different sizes and colors!

Customer's Testimonial (see our Yelp & Google Reviews as well)


"We walked into their store with nothing ready a few days before wedding photo shoot and  they found us a perfect matching outfit just in an hour! Thank you !"

Aug. 2018


"I wanted wear kimono for my grandma for my wedding but couldn't give up a white wedding dress. I found out that they have kimono/wedding dress and that was the best wedding dress ever!"

Jan. 2018


 "We thought about buying dresses from online but we are so happy that we didn't!  They have a plenty of choices and let us try everything until we find the right one  that fits perfect for us. "

June 2018


 "I was looking for my bridesmaid dresses. All my friends are petite size so I was worried. Nut no alternation necessary. Their original dresses were good for any shaped people.. "

Jan. 2019

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