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Wedding Photo in Hawaii

Pre-Wedding Photo | Ceremony Photo

If you want to take a photos in Wedding dress and tuxedo at beach, Lidia Hawaii dress rentals offers photo wedding package. it takes only 4.5 hours from hotel pick up to the end.

The package includes

- Professional Hair make-up

- Professional Photographs (100 cut) with slide show

- Transportation from your hotel in Waikiki to back to the hotel

- Rental wedding gowns and tuxedos


All above is only $1200+tax

This package is ideal for pre-wedding photographs, or cerebration photo, such as 10-year anniversary or Hawaii trip anniversary as well.

The package offers wedding gowns, but if you like Hawaiian style white dress or Hawaiian formal color dress, we have different package plan as well.

When you visit Hawaii for cerebration, it can be nice surprise gift for her.

The photo wedding tour schedule is like this.

- Pick up a couple from a hotel (Waikiki only. If not in Waikiki, we ask to come to Waikiki salon)

- Come to salon and pick a dress and tuxedo.

- Do make-up and hair

- Go to beach. Transportation is included. Beach will be Ala Moana or Magic Island beach.

- Take a photograph with professional photographer. It will be about 45-60 min.

- Come back to the salon and take off your dress and tuxedo.

- Going back to the hotel. (Transportation is included)


- If you like to take additional photographs in Waikiki, we can do so with additional fee of $350.

- If you would like to take photo wedding to be done in the Kapiolani Park instead of beach, that can be done without any extra charge.

- Weekends and holidays are extra charge. It depends on availability. Please ask.

Hair make-up easily costs $200-250 and dress rentals can cost $100-800, tuxedo rentals can cost $150~350. 

This package is really a good deal pricing!

So what is the catch? This package only allows you to use one day of the salon, so no preview of the dresses or tuxedos on before hand. However, we have a photographs of dresses and tuxedos.

This photo wedding package uses different salon. So please check the dress catalog here.

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