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How to choose Groomsmen Outfits?

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

When it comes to groomsmen outfits, it may be too much to think of. First, talk to your wedding planner what color theme is suitable for your wedding.

If your partner already picked the base main color, and bridesmaid dress colors, then, start planning groomsmen outfits.

There are several ways to start picking men's outfit colors.

  1. Pick the same color with the bridesmaid dress color.

  2. Pick the base color that matches to bridesmaid dress color, or theme color.

After picking up the color, next steps are how to incorporate the picked theme colors.

Pink Beige and Navy Groomsmen Outfit
Pink Beige and Navy Groomsmen Outfit


Pick the color for Groomsmen Outfit.

In order to pick groomsmen outfit, you want to consider bridesmaid color.

If you try to match the color perfectly with bridesmaid and groomsmen, it is very hard to find the while outfit. Instead, based on the bridesmaid color, pick the base color for the groomsmen. For example, if the bridesmaid dresses are beige pink, consider using grey or beige to goes with the pink. Then, look for the matching color accessories such as ties and bowties.

Next, you want to consider tones of colors. "Pink" can be bright pink, pastel pink, beige pink, and many mores. As long as tones are similar, the most cases, any color can go together.

In order to create beautiful color coordination, matching color can be important, but having same or similar "TONE" of colors create unity and beauty.

Light Green Groomsmen Outfit
Light Green Groomsmen Outfit

bridesmaid and groomsmen color styling
Light Green, light blue theme color group styling

Here are some examples of matching color coordination. Bridesmaid and groomsmen are in light emerald green outfits, to enhance the clear beautiful blue ocean surrounding.

Pink Beige Bridesmaid Dress Styling
Pink Beige Bridesmaid Dress Styling

Pink Beige with Navy Wedding Group Styling
Pink Beige with Navy Wedding Group Styling

Pick Contrasting or Neutral Colors

In most cases, it is hard to find completely matching outfits.

In that case, pick the neutral colors such as beige, grey, navy are good choices.

Groomsmen can wear neutral color outfits and wear matching color bowties can be great for any theme color. Just try to pick the same tone of the color if possible. Otherwise, contrasting colors, such as dark navy are great choice for any colors since there are not much tones in dark navy.

BOHO Styling Group Styling
BOHO Styling Group Styling

Other Options in Hawaii Wedding

If your wedding is in Hawaii, another great options are choosing Hawaiian shirts for groomsmen outfits. Girls can be either bridesmaid dresses or Hawaiian dresses. Good thing about Hawaiian shirts are it is easy to find, and great accent to your wedding scene.

There are many designs of Hawaiian shirts. Some are very floral and colorful, some are more toned down colors which can be a great gifts for your friends.

However, asking matching color pants can be hard. In that case, easy solutions can be renting pants and shoes from local rental store, such as Lidia Hawaii Dress Rentals. They provide Hawaiian style guest attire outfits to non-Hawaiian style guest outfits for all ages.

Asking guests to find outfits can be difficult. Also wedding costs a lot so saving some money and time are important factors.

Consider rental options wisely for your wedding party.

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