How to choose Groomsmen Outfits?

When it comes to groomsmen outfits, it may be too much to think of. First, talk to your wedding planner what color theme is suitable for your wedding.

If your partner already picked the base main color, and bridesmaid dress colors, then, start planning groomsmen outfits.

There are several ways to start picking men's outfit colors.

  1. Pick the same color with the bridesmaid dress color.

  2. Pick the base color that matches to bridesmaid dress color, or theme color.

After picking up the color, next steps are how to incorporate the picked theme colors.


Pick the same color with the Bridesmaid dress color.

This may be easiest way to pick color but possibly hardest one to find matching color outfits. For example, if the bridesmaid dresses are beige pink, finding pink outfits for groomsmen are very challenging.

Also, those colors come in various tones of colors. "Pink" can be bright pink, pastel pink, beige pink, and many mores.

In order to create beautiful color coordination, matching color can be important, but having same or similar "TONE" of colors create unity and beautiful.