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Kimono in Hawaii 

If you are looking for just Kimono rentals as well as Kimono dressing, or men's Kimono, we offer variety of Kimono related services in Hawaii.
Our Japanese licensed Kimono professional stylists create your best look in Kimono, even "Maiko" or "Oiran" styling, as well as authentic formal Japanese wedding Kimono styling.
Experience Japan's authentic formal wear in Hawaii. 

Kimono is popular in Hawaii, because some Japanese immigrants came to Hawaiian and their ancestors respect Japanese culture. Hawaii has a mix of culture and there are many Japanese influences in Hawaii. Because of that mixed cultural historical background, Hawaii is easily accessible for authentic Japanese cultural things, including Kimono. You will be surprised to see authentic high prestige Sushi restaurants in Hawaii as well.

​ Unlike other Kimono photo studios, we take your photographs at beautiful hotel settings. If you prefer, we can do Kimono photo session at the beach as well.

Lidia Hawaii Dress Rentals collaborates with other Japanese wedding company to offer this impressive Kimono dressing service.

This Kimono salon is inside the Marriot hotel in Waikiki.

When you wear beautiful Kimono, you can take your

photographs either outside or inside the beautiful

Marriiot hotel, so you do not need to worry about

the weather.

Why Kimono? Who Is That for?

Take Photos at Beautiful Hotel Setting!

Kimono is becoming popular in Europe for formal-wear. From parties to weddings, kimono is appropriate for every occasion

and a great way to show off your style!

 Especially perfect for :

- Couples who love Japan! 

- Couples from Japan visiting Hawaii for their honeymoon

- Couples married Japanese partner

- Japanese visitors who want to take different types of Kimono photographs

- Showing Japanese relatives for marriage

- Christmas and family special photographs

- Age 20 Cerebration (Seijinshiki)

- Any wedding anniversary photo

We have rentals available for both men and women!

If you are looking for Kimono dressing service for your wedding ceremony as a dress change, please check Kimono Wedding Service.

More About Kimono Stylings

One of the beauty of Kimono is change any style of Kimono by dressing techniques. Because of that, it really depends on the skills and taste of the dressing professionals.

We work with Sayumi Wedding, which offers highly skilled professionals, and all staffs we arrange are the Japanese Kimono Dressings licensees. 

1. UCHIKAKE: Kimono Wedding  Style 


"Uchikake" or biright red and white kimono is the traditional way of Kimono dressing style.

We offer Uchikake styling as well. We can not rent for Kimono only. The service includes Kimono dressing, hair make up, and assisting for the wedding ceremony.

In order to price, we need to know the location for ceremony.

If you just want to take wedding photographs with Wedding style Kimono, you can do so at the Kapiolani park, or beach.

Price starts at $2500

What are Included:

- Hair & make-up for bride

- Kimono dressing for bride and groom

- Kimono rentals for Bride & Groom.

- Professional photo shooting.

- Photo cut is minimum 70.

- Duration: 4.5hr the day of photo shooting. 


- Private estate location photo: +$850

- Groom or Bride Only: Ask

- On site Kimono Dressing: Ask

- Byo-doin, Izumo Taisha, Daiyoujin also available.


2. FURISODE: Seijinshiki Kimono Style


"Homongi" is a formal dressing but not as formal as wedding. It is perfect for wedding guests and mother of bride.

"Furisode" is long sleeve usually bright color kimono, which is usually used for cerebration of 20 year old, Hatachi Seijinshiki Ceremony.

We offer Homongi or Furisode kimono dressing and photo shooting service.

The photoshoot is done by a professional photographer but it can be an option.

Price starts at $1200+tax

What are Included:

- Hair Only (Make up is optional)

- Kimono dressing

- Kimono rental fee : Woman's Kimono (Furisode) or Men's Kimono

- Professional photo shooting at the Kapiolani Park.

- Photo cut is minimum 70.

- Duration: 2.5hr the day of photo shooting. 


Adding extra Kimono Styling +$450

- Private estate location photo: +$850

- On site Kimono Dressing: Ask


3. HOMONGI: Modern Kimono Styling

This is very unique service and is perfect for somebody  who is looking for something different an stylish.

This can be very creative art. The kimono can be dressed with lace and other prints and materials to make you look the best in Kimono.

Styling with bowties, hats, lace are all free of imaginations.

Great for mixed nationality couples and background, to showcase respect on Japanese and other cultures.

Black lace kimono.JPG

Enjoy free spirits of styling and wearing Kimono.


Price starts at $850

What are Included:

- Hair for woman

- Kimono dressing for woman & man.

- Kimono rentals for both woman and man.

- Professional photo shooting inside the Marriot hotel in Waikiki.

- Photo cut is minimum 30.

- Duration: 2.5hr the day of photo shooting. 


Without photo shooting, just kimono dressing is also available.

(One rental Kimono included but limited in use)

Just for woman's Kimono with photo service, price is $750 (Single)

Kimono Styling Sample Gallery

Kimono can be worn by anybody, any body style and age.

These are samples photos from Sayumi Bridals, which we offer their modern style kimono dressing services, as well.

Click images to see more.​

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