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To take better care of you, we want to make sure we have what you want.

Come to Store & pick your dress

Try our dresses and lay away for your event date.

If you can not find one, we may be able to get it for you.

Pick up dress

Pick up the dress before event date.

Return to the store.

No Cleaning Necc.

Return all your items to the store, or hotel in Waikiki.

We will take care of the professional cleaning.

Why Rent?

No Alternation

Try more

Have Everything Ready 

We have shoes, bags, accessories all available in one location for your convenience. 

No Cleaning

Cleaning fee is included in rental fee. While cleaning itself can easily cost over $20, our entire rental package starts at a reasonable price of $80.

Alternation typically costs over $100 for formal dresses. However, at our store, we have petite and shorter dresses as well as other sizes and colors available so that major alterations are not necessary!

Instead of buying pricey dress every time, you can try different dresses without paying for cleaning fee, and other fees. Save those cash for nails, hair, and other things to make you look more beautiful!

Hawaii Dress Rentals

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